Jaxon, Luke and Levi and the ogoh-ogohs 

By Levi

Yesterday was awesome.

Our friends from house cleaning came and wanted to us to go on an adventure.


I went on a motorcycle with Happy it was amazing with wind in my face.

Then we went to Happy’s house and saw her baby.

Then we saw SUPER WEIRD LOOKIN ogoh-ogohs. They all had something to do with their religion and bad gods so after the parade they burn them to make all the evil spirits go away. Each village makes their own ogoh-ogoh statue for parade.

We went to Ari’s house and played with her kids. They were shy at first but then we had fun together. I had fun riding bikes with them.

At last we went to lunch and ate delicioius rice and a snack. YUMMMMMM!!!!

Our friend Happy
Happy’s baby
Having fun with Ari
By Luke 

Yesterday, we drove scooters to ogoh-ogohs around town with our house cleaning people without mom and dad. Ogoh-ogohs are floats that go around cities with evil spirits and demons, most of them they are bloody and disturbing. The Hindus build them and then burn them at a cemetery as an act of self purification. At every intersection they spin in circles trying to disorient the demons so they will not harm the humans. By burning them the spirits are driven away.

Every village builds their own ogah-ogah usually, some artist build them too. Though there are many Hindu places, Bali is the only one that celebrates the Day of Silence which is the day after the parade with the floats. On the day of silence the Hindus don’t eat or talk or have any source of pleasure. They just meditate.

After we went to see the Ogoh-ogohs we went to Ari’s house and met her kids which were shy at first, but then we rode  the bikes around her house and had fun.

Later, we went to lunch and I got some candy, an ice tea, coke and fried rice with chicken. Then we came home and had dinner with our friend Alter at Rib which was delicious. I got fettuccine with Alfredo sauce and a strawberry smoothie.

New friends
With Agus and an Ogoh-Ogoh
By: Jaxon

Yesterday we went on an adventure with the staff, at the villa. First, we took motorbikes to the first Ogoh-Ogoh (An Ogoh-Ogoh is like a spiritual float that the Indonesians parade around on March 27). It was really bloody. It was one guy getting pierced by spears and arrows from surrounding “warriors”. We hung out for a while before moving on.

The next thing I knew, I was on a motor-bike riding to the next Ogoh-Ogoh. The next Ogoh-Ogoh was very different. It was a man who had recently slaughtered a boar, but the man was wearing the boars head like a mask.

Later, after the Ogoh-Ogohs, we visited Ari’s houses. We got to meet her family and chickens. The house is tucked away in a neighborhood, far away from the main road. She has four children, two pigs, a bunch of birds, chicken and two dogs.

Afterwards, we got lunch at a small  warung. We all decided to get Nasi Goreang (Fried rice) and iced tea.

Overall we had a really fun day out with the staff and I would definitely do it again.


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